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2022 Women's Conference

This year’s Women’s Conference was incredible! With over 10 workshops and 200 women it was such a blessed time of fellowship and reconnection. We enjoyed powerful messages from our General Superintendent, Carla Sunberg, amazing food, and a beautiful sunny weekend in San Diego. Carla Sunberg walked us through many topics like Identity and Hospitality. Along with powerful (and bi-lingual) worship led by Kelly Miller from Mission Church, ladies left feeling renewed and strengthened in spirit. In between messages, ladies were able to continue to learn about their Journey of Grace by joining workshops on topics like contentment, spiritual disciplines, movement, marriage, women in the bible, and more! If you enjoyed hearing from Dr. Sunberg, make sure to attend this years District Assembly on June 3 - 4, 2022 to hear from her again! Lastly, mark your calendar for next year’s Women’s Conference, March 17-19, 2023. We will be hearing from Dr. Samantha Chambo, wife of General Superintendent Filimao Chambo. You won’t want to miss her!

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