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Mission Trip to Honduras!

In August of 2022, a group of 10 made a trip to Honduras to partner with a Nazarene Compassionate Ministry called Cocal Gracias.

Cocal Gracias runs a Christ-centered trade school in Puerto Cortez called Ministerio La Vos (MLV). The ministry also partners with local Nazarene pastor Juan Garza in building and running a children’s center called the Timothy Center.

We praise God for bringing together the perfect team for this project. We needed a welder, and God provided the welder through a 19-year old team member! Electrical work needed to be completed, and God provided a team member - Pastor JJ Murillo from Arlington Avenue Church of the Nazarene who is a journeyman electrician and was born in Honduras!

God used JJ in many ways, including preaching, electrical work, and working with Pastor Garza as they led three young adults into a saving relationship with Jesus!

Part of the trip also included sharing our testimonies with students at MLV and teaching several seminars.

One team member had extensive experience in HR and gave a seminar on how to build a resume. Two other members also taught seminars in their areas of expertise.

We went to Honduras to be a blessing and left blessed by hearing the testimonies of lives changed through MLV, the Timothy Center, and the Nazarene churches being led by Pastor Garza.

God can do incredible things through each of us if we just say 'yes!'.

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