Monthly Budget Payments

There are two places that payments need to be made to each month to ensure your budgets are paid on time.  Directions on how to complete each are below.  

(Note:  When paying via "Funding the Mission" you will have an option to pay your Education Budget there as well.  Please skip this payment as that amount is included in the District Unified Budget payment (7.25% of contributions). The option appears on "Funding the Mission" because not every district has allotted to combine the payment as we have. Use the instructions below to make the two necessary payments each month.)


(1) World Evangelism Fund and Pension and Benefit Payments


Click here to pay your World Evangelism Fund (WEF) and Pension and Benefit (P&B) payments. You will need a login assigned by the Global Church of the Nazarene.  When on the site, complete the following steps to pay online.


(1) Report your monthly contributions income.

(2) Set up your church bank account for direct payment to the Global Church of the Nazarene account.

(3) Pay the amount owed to WEF and P&B for the month, amounts generated by your reported income.


(2) District Unified Budget Payment


Click here to calculate and pay your District Unified Budget Payment.


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