Yucaipa Valley Church of the Nazarene

We in Yucaipa believe that God is moving us forward in His plans for us. We have many in our church that are being freed from various addictions and sins of their past. They are coming to know who they are in Christ and are no longer bound by their past. During my first year as their pastor, we simply got to know each other. Our goal was to understand where they had been as a church and where we found ourselves at the point of my arrival.

This past year has been one of asking God a question. How does He desire to use us as He builds his church in our community? We knew that the core answer to this question was going to surround our fulfilling of the great commission of Matthew chapter 28? We also understood that it would be an extension of the core values of the Church if the Nazarene (Christian, Missional, Holiness). What remained, was for us to understand how God wants us to go about it in particular. As a leadership team we prayed and watched how God was working through us and we came to understand three things:

  1. We CONNECT with people in order to connect them to Christ.
  2. We GROW in our relationship with Christ and each other.
  3. We GIVE so that others may have.

Putting these three things together, we say that we connect to grow and grow to give. This has birthed two new activities at our church. We have opened our gym to the community and have between 15-30 young men playing basketball. Some of them bring their kids or girlfriends. Recently a young man and his girlfriend committed their lives to Christ and are being discipled. The other ministry effort has been turning our sanctuary into a movie theater and showing films such as “Do You Believe?”, “War Room”, and “Woodlawn”. This has given members of our church opportunities to invite others to a casual event and has resulted a several visitors coming to our worship services as well as building relationships with other neighborhood churches.

Along with CONNECT GROW GIVE, we have also begun to call ourselves and Ephesians 4 church. We are in the process of understanding what that means and look forward to it as our theme for this church year. We are excited about where God will lead.

In closing, God has blessed us with a tremendous staff that are using their gifts to serve the community and the church. Tori Flemming is our Director of Worship Ministries, Heather Hobbs (My daughter-in-law) is our Director of Children’s Ministries, and Stephanie Fultz is the one that holds our church together as our Church Administrator. Together with our church board and the service of every volunteer we believe that God is building His church in Yucaipa.

Pastor Paul Hobbs


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