Wildomar Gracepoint Church of the Nazarene

The last several years have been challenging at Gracepoint. The things that we have faced have driven us to our knees, seeking God’s power, His presence, His wisdom and His comfort. He has always been there, providing everything we have needed. Our God is faithful!

The high point of our year comes through our 5 & 2 Compassionate Ministry. God has been using us to meet the physical needs of the people in our community. Twice a month, we provide food for 250-300 people. We also provide an opportunity for each person receiving food to select several articles of clothing. During the week, it is not unusual for us to meet a family’s emergency need for food. We are looking to expand so that we can better serve our community.

Out of our Compassionate Ministry, we have seen several people come to church and to Christ. I think of Mary. Mary is a homeless person who started coming to get food about two years ago.  While she was waiting, one of our people began speaking with her. They made a connection and Mary decided to try out the church. She was a bit skeptical as she had been forced to leave other churches. The Sunday Mary walked in, people loved her.  People took Mary under their wing and fixed up her truck, which she lives in. We have taken her to doctor’s appointments, on shopping trips, and to get her hair done. This year Mary accepted Jesus and I had the privilege of baptizing her.  How the people cheered as she came out of the pool!  God brought a homeless woman to a church who needed to love someone. Our God is faithful!

I also think of Mark. Mark came to get food because he spent much of his money on alcohol. One day, as they were waiting for food, one of our people began speaking with Mark. His story was filled with pain and alcohol to dull it. They prayed together and Mark was invited to church. That Sunday, Mark was at the altar, renewing a relationship with Jesus. Since then, he has been a regular at church and the mid-week Bible study. He has found a new place to live, purchased a new car and is working to set the rest of his life back right. Mark says again and again, “You were the church that cared about me. It has made all the difference.” Our God is faithful!

One other high point has come out of our Compassionate Ministry…our Spanish congregation.  Under the leadership of Pastor Juan Castro, they have been reaching the Spanish speaking of our community.

While we don’t know all that this coming year will hold, we know we will be fine.  We will have what we need when we need it.  Our God is faithful!

Oliver “Wink” Davis - Lead Pastor

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