Holiness is Attractive

Much effort has gone into developing attractive church programming these days. As Nazarenes, we understand that our attraction lies in being holy people.  Holy lives are inherently appealing in their joyful disposition.  John Wesley equated true happiness and holiness by stating, “the best end which any creature can pursue is happiness in God,” and such happiness is anchored in holiness of heart and life (“the Righteousness of Faith,” The Works of John Wesley).  The Apostle Paul concluded that holy lives “make the teaching about God our Savior attractive” (Titus 2:9b).  Paul indicated that one who rejoices always, prays without ceasing, and gives thanks in all circumstances to describe one who is “sanctified wholly” (1 Thess. 5:16-18).  That life is attractive, but it is only available as a gift and grace of God.

Ezekiel saw this portrayed in living color.  God takes him to a vast valley littered with decaying human bones. “Can these bones live again,” God asks (Ezekiel 37:3).  In moments, God reassembles the bones, covering them with tendon and flesh – yet they had no life.  Then from the four winds, a breath (In Hebrew “wind”, “breath”, and “spirit” are the same word) and the bodies come to life.  God's Divine Spirit is our sole heart resource for an attractive holiness disposition and life.

For His glory and your service,

Rev. Tom Taylor, District Superintendent

P.S. Pastors, an article recently came to my attention which outlines pointers and pitfalls in measuring pastoral success. I'd encourage everyone in the pastorate and those looking towards pastoring to give this a read.


Dynamic Church PLanting International

This is your invitation to take part in an event that can reach new lives for the kingdom.  On November 16-19 we will be hosting seminars on church planting at Mission Church of the Nazarene.  The cost will be $35.  Three tracks will be offered: CPE (Church Planting Essentials), CPC (Churches Planting Churches) and CT (Certified Trainer).  You can start your registration on our district website.

Starting a new church is the single best method of evangelism. A new, culturally-specific or affinity-group church can make in-roads into a group that the sponsor church never could.  Just as new believers bring new spirit and life to an existing congregation, new churches breathe new life into our denomination.  Dynamic Church Planting International subscribes to the motto: "All kinds of churches for all kinds of people," and have arranged their resources accordingly. 


Mount Carmel’s  Board Game Convention (NAZCON)

Join us Friday, November 6th Noon - Midnight & Saturday, November 7th: 10am-10pm at Mount Carmel Church of the Nazarene. (10060 Carmel Mtn. Rd. San Diego, CA 92129) for the biggest Nazarene board game tournament ever to be held in the greater Rancho Penasquitos San Diego area.  We'll bring the board games, you bring the over-developed sense of competition!

  • Cost: $10 recommended donation per day
  • More than 100 Board Games! Tournaments in: Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Pitchcar and Artemis
  • Proceeds will support: NCM global clean water fund


SDMI Fresh start

Saturday, February 13th at The Bridge Church of Bloomington, CA will host SDMI's "Fresh Start" conference with General Sup. David Busic.  The cost will be $12.00 per person (Includes lunch).  We are asking every church to pay the way for their teachers, directors, staff, and pastors as an investment in equipping them to be more faithful, committed, innovative servants in the Kingdom.


Women's Retreat

Please mark your calendars now for the Spring 2016 Women's Retreat on March 11-13, 2016.  For best pricing, please have your early-bird registration in by November 30 ($50: non-refundable but transferrable).

Send one church check with early bird registrations to: Kim Smith [10489 Bellflower Ave., Cherry Valley, CA  92223 - (909) 915-4734; ordwoman4god@aol.com]

Below is the 2016 full pricing for rooming:

Early Bird Registration      /      Late Registration

Quad         $170 per person / $190 per person

Triple       $195 per person  / $215 per person

Double      $245 per person / $265 per person

Single       $385 per person / $405 per person

For full information, please visit the Women's Retreat website


Monthly Reporting

Pastors, please remember that the district needs your monthly church stats reported here.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as it allows your D. S. to minister more effectively throughout the district.  Further, it allows Rev. Taylor to say in district advisory meetings that he has his "finger on the pulse of the district." He has always wanted to use more medical idioms.


The 2015 District Journal

The much-anticipated 2015 Southern California district journal is finally complete and has been posted on the Nazarene Document Website and on the District website Resource Page. Feel free to print it and use it as a coffee table book or as the text for your next sermon  ...er, filibuster.


Upcoming Events

  • Latino Pastor Training - November 7
  • District Advisory Board - November 12
  • DCPI SoCal District CPE - November 16-19
  • Encuentro 2 Latino Youth - January 15 - 18
  • District Ministerial Board - February 2
  • "Fresh Start" w/ Dr. Busic - February 13
  • District Ministerial Board - February 16
  • Women's Retreat - March 11 - 13
  • Prime Time Retreat - April 18 - 21
  • Children's Camp: "The Quest" - July 25 - 29
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