Happy 110th Anniversary!

Happy 110th Anniversary to the Southern California District Church of the Nazarene!!!

The Southern California District birthed 8 districts and planted 315 churches (of which 140 are still active). Last year, those active churches reported an average attendance of 20,188 (2015). Among those churches are Greely, CO; Denver, CO; Dallas Cornerstone Community, TX; Bakersfield First, CA; Los Angeles First, CA; and Pasadena, CA. 

But, we’re not done planting! Currently there are 28 New Church Starts on the Southern California District!  

We’ve also realized the need for more ministerial candidates. In addition to our Hispanic Ministry development program, we kicked off the Filipino Minister development initiative on April 30, 2016.   

Finally, on June 5th and 6th, We’ll join together at San Diego First Church for District Assembly to celebrate what the Holy Spirit has done and continues to do in the SoCal District. We’ll testify to the faithful, effective, and passionate service of both laity and ministers who have witnessed the astonishing work of God. Come celebrate with us!

In His service and Yours,

D.S. Tom Taylor


Bilingual Discipleship Initiative

On May 11-15, Javier and Annette Mondragon, pastors of a bilingual church in Fort Wayne, IN, will be leading the Bilingual Discipleship Initiative at San Bernardino First. Along with nightly services, Wednesday through Saturday, they will be hosting a Saturday workshop from 11 AM to 3 PM. They are currently looking for workshop leaders, especially those involved in Spanish-speaking ministries. Suggested topics are:

    • Understanding and ministering to Hispanic community members
    • The importance of giving
    • How to introduce interpreting during worship
    • Creative responses to the challenges of developing a full fledged bilingual ministries
    • Best practices for outreach

Please keep Steve Martinez, the new start pastor, and the entire SB First leadership team in your prayers as they look for partnership in this new ministry venture. For more information, contact Rev. Susan Carole.  


Socal Roundup

The SoCal Roundup, May 20 - 22, at the Indian Hills Camp in Jamul, CA., will be a weekend packed with outdoor activities for all ages as well as inspiring times of praise and worship. Camp areas are available for churches interested in making this weekend a youth or family camping trip. Prices range from $30 - $57 per person for tent, cabin, or structure camping. For more information contact Janet Crow. And, remember - you don't need to have a Caravan program to participate.



Elevate is coming up soon, May 27 - 30, and registration is limited to the first 1400 applicants. Early bird registration has ended but, one can still register (by online check only) at elev8event.com. For more info on the new platform and Elevate 2016, please watch this.


District Assembly Update

Mark your calendars now for District Assembly 2016 at San Diego First Church & PLNU! The opening service is Sunday, June 5 at 5pm. Assembly is Monday, 8:30am-4:30pm, and the ordination service is at 7pm. General Superintendent Eugenio Duarte will be presiding over Assembly and preaching at both services. Online registration (including online payment) for housing, nursery care, children's choir participation, and delegates is now live and can be found HERE while further information on D.A. can be found HERE. (ATTENTION: Free registration for childcare during the Assembly will last until May 15th. Afterwards, each child registered will incur a $5 fee.) 

Also, a PDF file of the promo flyer can be downloaded from our District Assembly information page. (Please note: it's a large file [83 MB], so be patient for the download. A couple people have downloaded the file, opened it, and found several parts missing. If this happens, it might just be the viewer you are using. If all else fails, try downloading the file again. Thanks)


PK Retreat

This year's Pastor's Kids Retreat, July 6 - 9, will be held at PLNU and is open to all pastor's kids, 7th - 12th grade. Use this link (http://www.123contactform.com/form-895644/) to register.


Seminar by the Sea at PLNU

Mark your Calendars for PLNU's May 16th-20th Seminar by the Sea: a workshop designed for local pastors and lay leaders. Research shows that the number one factor associated with effective leadership is a high degree of personal self-awareness. This seminar will help ministry leaders identify and understand their unique God-given abilities and then how to leverage these capacities in building and empowering dynamic ministry teams.

Instructors include Dr. Norm Shoemaker, Dr. Dan Croy, Dr. Reuben Welch, and Dr. Ron Benefiel. For more information, visit HERE or call 619-849-2410.


Church Plant NEED

Living Water Church of the Nazarene, church plant of Southeast Church of the Nazarene in San Diego, is in need of several items as they work to build their church from the ground up. If your church has an excess of any of these items or knows someone who would be willing to donate to Living Water, please contact Pastor Chris Nafis. Thank you.

  • Projector Screen
  • Pulpit
  • Communion Table
  • Tithing Plates/Box
  • Tables (5 portable tables for meals)
  • Music Stands (1-2)
  • Mic Stands (3-4)
  • Microphones (3-4)
  • XLR Cords (3-4) 25 feet, 2 shorter ones
  • Passive Portable Speakers
  • Direct Boxes
  • Soundboard (non-amplified, small enough to move weekly, at least 4 channels)


Annual Report Reminder

Following are a list of links for reports due at various times before district assembly. Please note any reports you may be responsible for:

If you have any questions about reporting, please contact district secretary Steve Rodeheaver.


Senior-High Camp

"Handcrafted," our SoCal Senior High Camp, will be  June 27 - July 1

at Cedar Falls Camp. Early registration has begun and will extend to June 6th (price of $280 if postmarked by June 6). All entrants after will be considered late (Postmarked after June 6 will be $290). Check out our promotional video and our District Senior-High camp webpage for registration forms and further info.


Mid-High Camp

This year's District Mid-High camp, "Illuminate," will be July 25-29 at Idyllwild Pines Christian Camp. All campers, counsellors, and parents, please check our District Mid-High Camp webpage for registration forms and promotional materials. Hope to see you there!


NCM Compassion Conference

NCM's Compassion Conference, July 14-16, is a three-day global gathering at Olivet Nazarene University, sponsored by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. The event will inspire you to imagine how the church can live out God’s call to compassion and equip you for holistic, transformational ministry.

Learn together how to connect, collaborate, and create in order to change the world for those living in the margins of your community. Register now and spread the word.


Monthly Reporting

Pastors, please continue - or start - recording your monthly church stats here.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as it allows your D. S. to stop giving vague answers to the general church's call for monthly stats on the district. Please note the following conversation* between Rev. Taylor and the General office in KC:

"So what are the discipleship numbers for April on the district?" 

"...oh.   vast.    very big. in such giant quantities that, were I to quantify the bigliness of our SDMI expansiveness, I would be doing the district a grave disservice!!"

"You don't have any idea, do you"

"        .....not a clue"

*possibly not an actual conversation


A Word from SoCal SDMI

Small groups and discipleship are more than programs in your church. They are methods of fulfilling the Great Commission. It’s all part of Kingdom building. However, Jesus makes it clear that HE would build His church. Our job is to come along side what Jesus is already doing and be obedient to His direction. Where might God be leading you and your church to join Him in building His kingdom?

One place to cultivate obedient discipleship is in developing lives of service. If you don't have an active service and evangelism program, consider developing one around the small groups in your church. Here at the ARK Church, we have built our outreach around our 6 primary discipleship ministries: children, youth, men, women, recovery ministry, and our arts team. We designate one month year for each group to spearhead our outreach, emphasizing everything from the simple church invitation to providing care bags to the local Pregnancy and Family Resource Center.

Your church's service and evangelism program will probably differ from ours. However, its formation and implementation should be the product of contextual sensitivity and Spirit-led creativity.

Rev. Kevin O'Connor, SDMI Chairperson


Local church need

Holtville Church is in need of communion cup trays and bread plates. Please contact Loyda Ruiz at pastoraloyda@hotmail.com if you have extra or know of a resource for our Holtville brothers and sisters.


Church Financial Stats

We are working on making monthly church financial reports available in each newsletter. However, spreadsheets are like cats. They rarely return our love and affection, consistently demanding maintenance in an aloof, condescending manner. Also, they're deathly afraid of cucumbers.

That last one might just be spreadsheets.

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